The basic needs of people are limitless. And as time goes by, our needs increase to the point that we have to do some extra work just to provide it. Most of you might have thought of doing some extra work in shops and offices but have you ever thought of working in your home while drinking coffee in front of your laptop?

What does it mean? Well if you’re not that familiar with remote work, you can actually be paid by doing online jobs. Yes, you can apply for legit online jobs that pay weekly while others pay monthly.

Can you really receive a daily payment from online jobs? To answer that, we’ve made a list of 9 legit online jobs with no fees that you can apply to earn quick cash. In addition to these job ideas, you can also get extra cash when you obtain them with a title loan. Find out how you can qualify by visiting this website.

If you’re in a hurry, you can check out these apps that we recommend for people trying to make some money online:

  • Inbox Dollars offers tons of earning opportunities such as answering surveys, playing games and reading email. It pays you $5 just to sign up!
  • Money Turn provides a unique way to earn money: 1) you earn from playing games, 2) you can invest your rewards to earn even more rewards.
  • MobileXpression is a passive income generator – just keep the app installed on your phone, and they’ll pay you just for that!


Speechpad is a company that provides captioning, transcription, and translation services to international customers. They began operating in 2008 and ensure that their service is reliable and high quality. Speechpad aims to have efficient and competent workers to have achieved a high satisfaction rate.

When working with Speechpad, you will have four perks:

  1. Work when you want – in Speechpad, you have the ability to manage your time. Are you a morning person? Or are you a night person? Either way, you can still earn cash without affecting your sleeping routine.
  2. No upfront investment – when working at Speechpad, all you need is your computer and the internet, and you already have everything that you need to work.
  3. Get paid on time – as a transcriber in Speechpad, you will be paid twice a week, regardless of how much you earn. Now that’s what we’re talking about!
  4. Pick your own job – of course, you have the freedom to choose what work can you do. There’s no pressure here, just pick the one that you like.

Generally, their pay starts from $0.25 per audio minute to $1 but most of the time, it depends on the workload and deadlines. Also, your skills and experience are plus points. After finishing your work, Speechpad will automatically pay you every Tuesday and Friday via Paypal.

Currently offered jobs: transcribers, captioners, translators, and editors/reviewers.


Love writing in your free time? Why not turn that love into money? In Verblio, your writing skills can help you earn some extra cash.

Verblio is an online content creation platform that is dedicated to creating high-quality content. As of now, they have 3,000 U.S.-based online writers that give quality and unique content to their chosen clients.

Usually, writers are paid a minimum of $10.50 for a 400-word post. Payment is every Monday via Paypal.

Verblio aims to help you grow your writing career and skills by offering various freelance gigs/opportunities. They have 6 easy steps that you need to follow in able to be part of their team.

  1. Find a job – Verblio has 1300 clients across 40 different industries, work is always available. They offer jobs from 300-3000 words across several different types of content.
  2. Do your research – Verblio is dedicated to creating high-powered content that drives SEO. Each customer needs industry expertise in a voice that matches their brand.
  3. Create quality content – they care about the quality of your writing, not the length of your resume. Customers choose what to purchase, so it’s up to you to make sure your content stands out.
  4. Gain access to more jobs – new writers complete short-form jobs to get started. By selling content and earning 5-star reviews, you’ll earn access to longer and higher-paying jobs.
  5. Build a client relationship – Verblio is a subscription, so customers need fresh content every month. Find customers who love your work, and you can write to them again and again.
  6. Get paid – when customers purchase your content, Verblio makes sure you get paid. Invoice weekly or save up for that vacation. With no minimum or maximum invoice, you control your own success.

Also, Verblio wants skilled writers that can produce creative and talented works. And to be considered as one of their great writers, yous should:

  • Have a flawless grammar
  • Should be detail-oriented
  • Must have impeccable research skills
  • Has interesting, unique, and bright ideas in content writing
  • Has enough knowledge when it comes to SEO and modern content marketing
  • Communication style should be professional and effective
  • 18 years of life under your belt
  • U.S. citizenship & a valid Social Security Number

The good news about Verblio’s payment method is that they will allow you to invoice weekly for payment so you can manage your money.


FieldAgent is an app that pays you real cash. All you have to do is gather information, share your opinions, and take some photos. Just like what their slogan says, “Real People Earning Real Money”, FieldAgent.net will assure you that your effort and work are important to them.

With these four easy steps, you can quickly apply and earn cash within the day.

  1. Download the field agent app
  2. Reserve and complete a job
  3. FieldAgent will check your answers
  4. Get paid real cash for your work

Their offered jobs are divided into four categories: Survey, Mystery shop, Buy and Try, and Audit.

  • Survey – Not all jobs require travel, complete surveys anywhere, anytime.
  • Mystery Shop – Help stores around the country improve
  • Buy and Try – Purchase products, try them out at home, and share your opinion
  • Audit – Take photos and answer questions about displays, products, and more

When it comes to payment, it’s possible that you’ll get paid between $3 to $12 per online tasks. You can cash out your payment any time via direct deposit to your prepaid debit card/bank account.


Do you have a background in teaching or you just love to tutor students? Chegg.com is a website that gives flexible tutoring opportunities to people who are willing to work from home.

This site is also considered as one of the highest paying online tutoring sites. If you’ll be considered as a top tutor, you can earn $1,000+/month (starting at $20+/hour).

You can tutor your favorite subjects such as computer science, biology, calculus, voice lessons, zoology, antitrust law, etc. This will also give you the opportunity to work with all student levels (Middle and High School, College, Professionals)

Chegg will give you the chance to improve by giving you 4 flexible tutoring opportunities such as:

  • Sending students to you
  • Building your reputation
  • Tutor from anywhere
  • Get paid each week

And according to Chegg, they pay their online tutors every week. So you don’t have to worry if you’re in need of quick cash. You can also check out Preply, another site that gives flexible tutoring opportunities to people. They offer a flexible schedule and access to students from all over the world.


Are you a newbie when it comes to remote work? Why not try transcribing and during your free time? In Transcribeme.com you will not only earn cash but you’ll also gain experience when it comes to the transcription field.

Their services are categorized into four types: transcription, speech recognition, translation, and data annotation.

  1. Transcription – high-quality speech-to-text starting at $0.79 per audio minute.
  2. Speech Recognition – automated transcription starting at $0.10 per audio minute.
  3. Translation – turn audio and text into another language, quickly and accurately
  4. Data Annotation – creating and enhancing machine learning data with human intelligence.

If you’re applying for Transcribeme.com as a transcriber, expect that your payment will arrive weekly via Paypal so make sure to have your Paypal account settled.


Since 2005, Textbroker has provided exceptional content from its thousands of registered authors around the globe. Most of their clients are small business owners, social media communities, traded corporations, and publishing houses.

So why would you write for Textbroker? Well, they are free of charge, they have reliable payment and flexible time management. You can also choose when and how much content you’re willing to write.

Just like any other website, Textbroker’s payment is made weekly via Paypal.


Are you willing to do some errands for other people in exchange for cash? EasyShift is an online task site that helps people earn money through their smartphones in a quick and easy way. You just need to complete simple assignments like taking photos, answering basic questions about a certain store nearby, recording prices, etc.

After finishing your overall task, Easyshift will process your payment via Paypal within 48 hours so expect it to arrive within 2-3 days.


With Userfeel, you can earn cash by testing and reviewing websites. Usually, testers earn $10 per test, each test lasts for 10-20 minutes and can be completed by using your personal computer or smartphone.

So what do testers usually do? Testers are given a certain scenario and perform tasks like finding a product online or helping site owners to fix issues. Usually, Userfeel pays its employees every 7 days via Paypal.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

MTurk is a well-known crowdsourcing marketplace that helps businesses to outsource and distribute the workforce to people who can work and finish tasks virtually.

Some of these jobs may include research, survey, writing content, analysis, and more. MTurk usually aims for the skills and knowledge of its workers to make sure that they can provide quality works. To successfully receive your payments, you must have a $1 threshold.

Final Thoughts

Now that you already have the idea and some background of what jobs can you apply for and what are the skills that you needed, it’s time to arrange all your application forms and apply for your target career!

Yes, there are times that we feel like we won’t be able to survive a day or a week because of all the pressure and work that we need to finish. But always keep in mind that the only person who can help you is yourself.

Did you hit rock bottom? Pick yourself up and find your way up. Having a bad day? Turn around and appreciate all the small stuff. Don’t have enough cash to provide your needs? Look for quick tasks online and get paid instantly.

No matter what your problem is, always remember to help yourself and never doubt your ability to make a change and be better for the future.

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