If you’re looking to make a little more money, why not put your typing skills to work? A quick search will tell you there are job opportunities and quite a few typing jobs available.

This blog will help you put that basic knowledge to work. It will cover everything from the right jobs to the pay range you can expect. You might not achieve financial freedom with these, but many are a solid way to make some cash.

Can You Earn Money Typing?

Yes, you can make money this way. There are several opportunities listed below. These jobs pay differently based on your typing skill level. This means fewer typing errors, which you should be aware of when taking into account overall typing statistics.

7 Online Typing Jobs

Make cash typing online through project work. Or you can boost your bank account with a series of very short tasks. There are major companies and small businesses looking for people who can type online.

Here are some online typing job options that will make you extra money.

1. Data Entry

Data entry jobs are considered entry-level. Some of these jobs require previous data entry experience. Some have an accuracy standard that can be as high as 98%. Plus a minimum for the number of words per minute.

This is an online typing gig where you’ll need to corral data from different sources. Get paid between $12.98 and $22.84 per hour. You might find employment through protective service agencies in your area. Or private companies.

2. Transcription

make money typing, transcription

There are different types of transcription jobs to choose from. Some of them where you get paid to type include medical transcription, meetings and phone calls.

Quite often, selling small transcription services means working within your client’s guidelines. General transcriptionist positions pay the least. A company pays more for work in legal and medical arenas. Be warned. You might need some background in legal terminology.

Successful candidates need to be discreet and have good listening and computer skills. You’ll encounter deadlines if you need to go through test transcription work. The timeframe for a transcription test is usually non-negotiable. Possible employers want to see if you can work efficiently and quickly.

You’ll also need good English skills. And a minimum typing speed of 70 words per minute. And a good internet connection.

These typing services pay about $15.00 dollars an hour.

3. Audio Recordings

Convert speech from an audio recording into text. These can include audio files and video files.

Journalists use this service for interviews. And video editors for subtitles and captions.

The base rate is $1 per audio minute.

4. Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance goes beyond the mere act of typing. As a Virtual Assistant (VA), you act as a digital right-hand person for businesses or entrepreneurs, aiding them in numerous tasks. While typing and data entry are fundamental aspects of the job, VAs can also manage phone calls, emails, and appointments.

Their roles can expand to managing content on websites, and ensuring everything runs smoothly on the backend. Some VAs offer specialized services such as transcribing audio files, including songs.

It’s a versatile online job that requires a combination of technical skills and interpersonal finesse.

5. Handwritten Documents

Typing out handwritten documents is a niche that holds its own unique challenges. These freehand notes can be anything from historical manuscripts to personal diaries.

The job might require special knowledge or expertise, especially if the document pertains to a particular academic or professional domain. Sometimes, clients prefer preserving the authenticity of the document, asking typists to retain the original misspellings and errors.

This can be for reasons of historical accuracy or personal sentiment. Additionally, the scope isn’t limited just to handwritten content; typists can also be engaged to transcribe printed matter into a digital format.

6. Human Intelligence Tasks

Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) provide a diverse range of small tasks that require human judgment. While some tasks may involve simply answering questions, others might be more intricate.

HITs can range from rating and assessing photos based on specific criteria to typing in evaluations. An interesting and prevalent example of a HIT is typing captchas – those jumbled letters and numbers used to verify human presence on websites.

Platforms like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk are well-known for offering such tasks, providing individuals a flexible way to earn money online.

7. Order Entry Clerk

Order Entry Clerks play an essential role in the smooth operation of businesses, particularly those in the e-commerce sector. Their primary responsibility is to accurately input orders into digital systems, ensuring that products or services reach their intended recipients.

Besides entering data, they might also be tasked with sending email confirmations or updates to relevant managers or departments. Given the nature of their work and its importance, many Order Entry Clerk positions are full-time.

The pay can vary depending on the industry and region, but some positions can offer salaries up to $34,000 annually or more.

Companies That Will Pay You for Typing Online

make money typing

Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is basically a crowdsourcing marketplace. MTurk offers up some micro jobs that include typing work. Examples include moderating Google Docs and social media content.

Get paid via an Amazon gift certificate or a US bank account.


GoTranscript is a reputable platform that offers general transcription services. If you are interested in transcription work, you can expect to earn an average of approximately $0.60 for every transcribed minute. The payment system is straightforward as they make their payments through PayPal, ensuring a safe and easy way to receive your earnings.


TranscribeMe stands out as one of the popular transcription platforms where you can earn significant amounts. While the earning potential varies, some industrious individuals can take home up to $2200 a month.

On the other hand, if you prefer a lighter workload, you could make $250 just by dedicating a few hours each month.

One of the highlights is that TranscribeMe also pays its members via PayPal, providing an efficient and trustworthy method of payment for your typing efforts.


If you’re looking to specialize in transcription, SpeakWrite might be the platform for you. They have a niche in legal transcription, which demands precision and accuracy. The top earners on this platform can earn an impressive $3,400 a month.

To thrive here, you’ll need to have excellent listening skills to accurately capture the details.

The platform expects you to maintain a typing speed of at least 60 words per minute, ensuring that tasks are completed promptly.


Babbletype is another platform to consider if you want to venture into the world of transcription. They offer competitive rates starting at $0.40 per audio minute.

If you’re serious about your transcription work, you might consider investing in a foot pedal, though it isn’t mandatory. However, they do have a non-negotiable requirement: you’ll need a pair of good headphones to ensure clarity when transcribing.

Branded Surveys

Diverging from transcription, Branded Surveys offers you the opportunity to earn by sharing your opinion. Participate in online surveys tailored to various industries and consumer preferences.

Depending on the length and complexity of the survey, you can get paid in gift cards or cash. If you’re looking for a way to earn money online without heavy commitment, this platform is worth exploring. It’s yet another avenue to earn by typing and sharing insights online.

Summary of Companies that Will Pay You for Typing

CompanyDescriptionEarning Potential Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)Crowdsourcing marketplace offering micro jobs, including typing tasks like moderating Google Docs and social media content.Varies based on tasks. GoTranscriptOffers general transcription services.Approx. $0.60 per transcribed minute. TranscribeMePopular transcription platform with varying workload options.Up to $2200/month or $250 for a few hours/month. SpeakWriteSpecializes in legal transcription, demanding precision and accuracy.Top earners can achieve up to $3,400/month. BabbletypeTranscription platform offering competitive rates.Starting rate of $0.40 per audio minute. Branded SurveysPlatform for completing online surveys about various industries and consumer preferences.Varies based on the length and complexity of the survey.

What Equipment do You Need to Make Money Typing Online?

A profitable online typing gig requires good equipment. Here’s a few of the things you’ll need to have if you are serious about wanting to get paid to type.

  • High-speed internet. Look for good bandwidth and security. Having excellent Internet access also means having a high-end router.
  • A Good Laptop or PC. You’ll need one that can handle basic word processing. And the ability to run multiple programs. This isn’t an area to save money.
  • A Great Headset. This is important if you want to earn money online. Find a product that cancels out background noise.
  • A Good Foot Pedal. These allow you to pause and continue typing. They help increase your ‘audio hour’ output.

If you want to market your services, you can advertise on your own website.

How much money can you make typing?

The bottom line is how much you get paid to type when you’re working on the Internet. Word processing usually pays between $7 to $40 an hour. A transcription job usually comes in around $15 to$ 45 per hour.

The average monthly earnings for a typing job works out to almost $4,000. Top earners can make as much is $7,250 per month. At the other end of the scale, these jobs pay around $2,416 per month.

There are a variety of jobs available for people looking at typing words for money. Book typing is another option that covers journals and manuscripts. Those are just a few of the other typing jobs available for making money.

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