Do you want to work from home for Data Entry Jobs then Lionbridge Smart Crowd (Virtual Bee) is perfect for you? But is it a legitimate workplace for you?

What Is Smart Crowd and How Does It Work?

Smart Crowd is an online company that offers Data Entry jobs for those who want to work and earn money from their home.You may familiar with the “Virtual Bee” online company for the Data Entry job and now it has been changed to Lionbridge Smart Crowd. And all people have equal opportunity to work with them, no matter where you are living.

Lionbridge AI - Telus International

Currently, they are working with many popular companies around the world such as Adobe, Canon, Caterpillar, CBS Interactive, Cisco, Dell, Eli Lilly, EMC, Expedia, Golden Living, Google, HP, LRN, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Pearson, Pfizer, Philips, Porsche, PTC, RIM, Rolls Royce, Samsung, Skillsoft, Studec, and the US Department of Justice.SmartCrowd (previously Virtual Bee) hires independent workers based on their accuracy and speed online. You must first sign up as a member. Then you’ll be given typing tests to assess your typing speed and see if you’re qualified for the job.

A three-part test will be used to assess candidates:

  1. Letters,
  2. Dollars, and
  3. Numeric.

Each exam takes approximately 2-3 minutes to finish.

If you receive a low score during the evaluation procedure, don’t panic; you can retake the test after 24 hours. Because the competition is fierce and there is a long waiting list, it’s critical to aim for a perfect score.

What kind of work to do at Lionbridge Smart Crowd?

Typing job in nature and often you have to enter data collected from scanned images. The data can be different, such as people’s names to addresses, dates, numbers and symbols. And sometimes you will get tasks in Data research, data entry, language, testing and more.

However for these kinds of tasks only you need to know composing. If you have more typing speed with accuracy, you can complete your task soon and go for the next task.

Lionbridge Smart Crowd Review – Is Lionbridge a Scam?

There are plenty of reviews, and if you dig through them, you’ll find a wide range of opinions, from excellent to scams.The majority of bad reviews are the result of unrealistic expectations and a lack of understanding that working as an independent contractor necessitates a time investment (for which you will not be paid).If you approach Lionbridge as an employee, you will be dissatisfied. However, if you approach freelancing with the mindset of an entrepreneur, you will be able to enjoy the advantages.In a regular job, you and your boss are bound by certain obligations. There is an expectation of consistent hours and pay. Your boss expects you to be on time, and you expect them to give you a set number of hours to work.Lionbridge does not commit to you outside of the specific assignment you’ve accepted as an independent contractor, and you have no obligation to them. They can’t phone you and inform you you’re late, in other words.Whenever and if you wish to work for Lionbridge, you can work for Lionbridge.

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I don’t want to disregard people’s real concerns. For example, several reviewers have stated that Lionbridge provides insufficient education. It’s going to get incredibly frustrating if you spend half your time trying to figure out a task, or if you have to perform it twice because they weren’t clear about their goal.

However, Lionbridge employs 100,000 independent contractors, so some of them must be doing fine, and if you get into a routine, the time it takes to accomplish a task may become rational.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of SmartCrowd?

You will see both advantages and disadvantages to working with SmartCrowd.


  • There is no obligation and the hours are flexible.
  • Signing up is completely free.
  • They aren’t a fly-by-night operation. Lionbridge has been in business for more than two decades.
  • The interpretation position pays highly for people who speak multiple languages.


As previously stated, I would not consider the negative reviews to deter you from joining, but I would be lying if I said they were unimportant. There is some risk involved, but you’ll never know unless you try.

  • Employment is unpredictable, and you can’t count on it to provide a steady income.
  • Working from home is great… but testing, data entry, and other tiresome chores are generally not something you’ll want to do in the long run. Once you’ve gotten the hang of working from home, you might want to move on to something more substantial and potentially make a passive income.

What Do You Need to Get Started?

SmartCrowd does not require any special qualifications to sign up. However, you must be at least 18 years old and have a fast typing speed. You’ll need a PC with high-speed internet as far as technological needs go.We mentioned before that there is not any particular requirement to become eligible to work with Lionbridge Smart Crowd. But there are few technical requirements are as follows-

  1. A Faster Computer
  2. A High-Speed Internet
  3. A Solid Keyboard
  4. In addition to a better user experience, you should use the latest version of Google Chrome Web Browser.

Some points I just sort out and you should consider those before applying to work from home doing data entry tasks for Lionbridge Smart Crowd –

  • Applicant must be 18 years old.
  • There are not any registration fees to work with Lionbridge Smart Crow.
  • The U.S and Non-U.S citizens can work at Smart Crowd.
  • There is no limitation for working hours.
  • Lionbridge Smart Crowd makes payment after the completion of each task.
  • Sounds great, you can work with Lionbridge Smart Crowd without any bindings and limitations. So if you are interested then you can visit the below URL and Go ahead.

After Sign Up, they will ask you to comply with their agreement and answer some questions such as about your demographics, education, areas of expertise and language skills. After answering them your signup process will complete.

SmartCrowd | LinkedIn

What Types of Jobs are Offered by Lionbridge?

There are a variety of vacancies, and your placement tests will determine which ones are best for you. The most prevalent jobs include (but are not limited to):

  • Ads Quality Rater
  • Analyst for Map Quality
  • Associate in Testing (testing games, apps etc.)
  • Data collection via voice
  • Evaluator for Search Engines
  • Evaluator of Social Media
  • Internet Accessor
  • Interpreter/Translator

Although they are freelance jobs, it should be noted that they do not always hire in your region.


It doesn’t mean that after Sign Up you can start work, because you have to complete at least one placement evaluation to show them your real talents and skill level and this will enable you to get work there.

How Much you Can Earn from the Smart Crowd?

This is the most important question of any potential worker that how much they will able to earn from Lionbridge Smart Crowd?Each task and job title has its own pay scale. Because you’re paid per task rather than per hour, it’s difficult to give a specific answer. It is clearly said that all price is set according to the task.And Lionbridge Smart Crowd will pay you for each task. But the payment amount will vary according to the task volume.Each task will have a different pay scale. The quantity is usually decided by the keystroke. This is the same as per character. As a result, you may expect to earn anywhere from $0.20 to $0.80 per 1000 keystrokes. Once you’ve earned at least $30 in your account, Virtual Bee will send you a payout. Checks are used for weekly payments.However, this is not fixed. Many freelancers earned $0.20 to $0.60 cents per 1000 keystrokes for data entry tasks. That means you can earn a few dollars per day. Yes! This is a very lower payment but for extra money, you can try to complete tasks sometimes. But don’t choose this job for a living.However, you can earn $1 – $5 by completing their survey tasks. This is interesting because under the survey you can test products for free and just you have to share your opinion.People’s income has generally been reported to be in the $12-$14 range… However, for skilled jobs such as Interpreter, I’ve seen claims as low as $3 and as high as $36.

SmartCrowd (Virtual Bee) Offers Legit Online Home Based Data Entry JobsSource: Indeed

While the money is inconsistent, one thing you can bet on is that you will not be given constant tasks. This is not a situation where you can get fired by your boss. You may undoubtedly earn some extra cash, but don’t expect it to cover your mortgage and groceries.

How to receive payment from Smart Crowd?

This is also an important factor that how you will receive payment after completing tasks. The Smart Crowd makes payment through “PayPal” and “Dwolla” account. You should register with “Dwolla” if your county is not supported PayPal. And try to avail a debit card from “Dwolla” so you can easily transfer your fund from Smart Crowd.They have set a $10 Payment threshold and you must apply to Smart Crowd using your PayPal email id to receive your payments on time.


Smart Crowd (Virtual Bee) is a completely legitimate online money-making option. If you’re looking for a way to make money, I wouldn’t recommend Smart Crowd. There isn’t enough job there to provide a full-time income. However, It is completely free and is regarded as risk-free online employment.Though you are looking for a suitable job from your home for a living Smart Crowd pay very less amount. So if you are only interested to earn extra bucks then you can go with The Smart Crowd, but if you want to work online for a living then Smart Crowd is not appropriate for you.However, for earning extra money Smart Crowd could be a good source and you can do your work in a fun way.Many old members complain to them that they are a scam but in reality, they are a legitimate company but pay very little amount. So the choice is yours. Thank you.

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