There are a lot of jobs you can get to work from home and start today, and many of these are technology-related jobs. And that doesn’t mean these work from home jobs are highly skilled jobs that require degrees. Jobs such as Web Developer or Computer Programmer require skill upgrades, but if you become competent, you won’t need a degree to get a job. And then there are entry-level jobs like Data Labeler or Tech Support Specialist you can start doing right now with no college education.

Popular job sites reveal there are 1000’s of careers in technology you can do without a degree. And many of these are remote jobs that pay well.

There are quite a few options for you to work remotely these days. A remote job like an appointment setter or website designer enables you to establish contractual work easily. Although unless you have a lot of experience, these jobs tend to have limited earning potential at first.

Since there’s rapid growth in the technology sector, these companies often have trouble finding people fast enough. And for many entry-level jobs in technology, companies are totally willing to train someone to fill these much-needed positions.

In technology, it’s about the people. Getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment, and helping to find a way to innovate.

Marissa Mayer

Technology companies are also, now more than ever, willing to work remotely. They understand and possess the infrastructure to enable their teams to work from anywhere in the world. Additionally, current events over the last few years have pushed a trend for many companies to accept remote work as more of a standard as well.

A futuristic city at night.
Now more than ever, companies are willing to search globally for candidates to fill positions of all experience levels.

Furthermore, you don’t need a computer science degree to get a job in technology. At least you can get an entry-level technology job. Below we take a look at 3 jobs that are both remote and in technology that you could do right now.

Data labeling is the manual curation of data by humans on machine learning and AI applications. Labeling data is essential because computers have innumerable limitations, and some of them cannot be simply solved without human intervention. Actually, a computer can be programmed to perform hard calculations and automate activities that would be too burdensome to be done manually by us, however the same is unable to tell the difference between a car from a dog in a picture without proper training. In summary, computers use an algorithm to learn based on a dataset, which usually requires the supervision of someone. Roughly we call it supervised machine learning because computers need human supervision to get trained to execute tasks that are tricky for machines, but definitely easy for humans such as image recognition. Hence the need for a data labeler.

Work from home job 2: Tech Support Specialist

Job Title: Tech Support SpecialistJob Requirements & Info

The amount of technology in our lives on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Technology is all around us, and it extends way beyond our computers. There are tons of services and products out there that consumers require maintenance and support for.

Almost every home nowadays has a security system, and the security system is backed by a complicated infrastructure that must be maintained 24/7. At any time during the day, homeowners might need technical support to help them with alarm issues, warnings, false alarms, and other miscellaneous technical glitches. This is where a support technician comes into play.

Jobs you can do remotely without a degree: Tech Support Specialist. There are tons of services and products out there that consumers require maintenance and support for.

Or maybe, as a tech support specialist, you provide needed help and support to real estate professionals on a software system they utilize daily to sell homes. There are support technicians and specialists for almost any system that needs to maintain its infrastructure around the clock.

As a support technician or specialist, you will provide essential knowledge of the systems and be able to monitor them. Many of these positions don’t require any knowledge of the industry or technology, and the hiring company will typically train you during the onboarding process.

For a lot of people, technical support specialists are their best friends. Maybe not in a literal way, but a lot of people need support when it comes to technology. And guess what? Technical support specialists are their support system. You’re there to help answer questions, explain how certain things work and provide advice on all things technology. For the most part, you’ll probably have specific technology that you’ll be helping with, depending on your employer and industry. Since there are so many different industries you can work in, the level of education requirements are varied. But the good news is that you can go into almost any industry with this position. Hello, job opportunities.

Work from home job 3: QA Engineer or Tester:

Job Title: Tech Support SpecialistJob Requirements & Info

Software and technology systems are complex, and companies need to make sure that deliveries are robust and free of bugs. The only way they can do this, is by testing constantly through the development process.

As a developer or programmer creates the software, they are often way too busy to test their work. Furthermore, testing is tricky, and they may overlook many user-related issues while creating their code.

2 QA Engineers testing on a row of computers.
Jobs you can do remotely without a degree: QA Engineer or Tester

Now while there are various classes of seniority for Test and QA Engineers, there is always a need for testers that are unfamiliar and inexperienced with the technology. That’s right. I said inexperienced.

Oftentimes, development teams will look for someone that might not be familiar with the technology. This way, the tester might uncover unforeseen bugs.

A QA Engineer will bang on the product or software to unearth bugs or issues with it, design inefficiencies, and even provide documentation. There is always a need for testing, and this really is a good career. Furthermore, there are plenty of these roles that are remote.

The things you test might include software, websites, and even physical products. As long as you have a critical approach and are detail-oriented, you could qualify for a testing position.

Other Notable Work from home jobs:

Position TitleAverage Salary (USD)Note

Resources to help find a remote job in technology


While this is a subscription-based service, it’s well worth the money. The site offers a long list of jobs that are flexible and remote. I’ve used this website personally, and it seems like most of the jobs are active and with decent companies. In fact, I scored a gig from it and a number of interviews. So to me, it seemed to worth the subscription.

We Work Remotely

They advertise themselves as the largest job hunting platform with 500+ new positions posted monthly. This is a newer job portal, although it seems to have gained quite a bit of popularity. Many of the job advertisements are mid to senior positions in technology, although I did spot a few diamonds in the rough requiring no experience.


Freelancer is a job portal that enables employers to hunt for freelancers or contractors. Many of the jobs are for short-term projects or contracts, although they can often lead to full-time work. The website lets potential employers post jobs that freelancers can then bid to compete.


Upwork is one of the oldest and largest platforms for freelancers to find both short-term and full-time work. The site is very similar to a social platform that rewards usage. Even if you have a lot of experience, you will often need to gain a reputation on the site before you can easily find clients. Which if you have limited experience can be a good thing, because you’ll be able to supersede more qualified talent sometimes in the search and rankings.

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